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Helping high net worth individuals save taxes and build wealth with multifamily passive income

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  • ​​5 Step Process For Passively Investing In Real Estate 
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  • Since 2017, invested in over 9,000 multifamily units, started a podcast, a YouTube channel and published a book called "Why Not You?". 
  • Take action and start learning how to save taxes and build your wealth!  We can help!
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Darin Batchelder, Founder

What others are saying about Their Investing Experience

"A Great Experience"

- M. Blair

"Work ethic, attention to detail and asset management skills"

- R. Gupta

"Creative ideas to help our apartments do very well"

- C. Bullock

"Patient and competent leadership"

- T. Stout

"Able to answer all my questions"

- B. Grubbs

"Investor's money as if it were his very own"

- J. Paull-Bridgeman

"Highly recommended deal sponsor"

- J. Colletta

"I look for good sponsors"

- C. LeMaire

"Takes care of employees and tenants like family"

- K. Bhatt

"Integrity and vast business knowledge"

- D. Bozarth

Properties Invested In

LakePalestineRVPark-web jpg
  • Property: Development RV Park
  • Location: Flint, TX
  • Units: 200
Greenville_Portfolio3 png
  • Property: Multifamily
  • Location: Greenville, SC
  • Units: 281
Mission_Antigua-web jpg
  • Property: Multifamily
  • Location: Tucson, AZ
  • Units: 248
TheElton-web jpg
  • Property: Multifamily
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Units: 69
Westover_Hills-web3 jpg
  • Property: Multifamily
  • Feature: Big Spring, TX
  • Units: 124
Henry_LibertyHills2 png
  • Property: Multifamily
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Units: 228
BellaVida-web2 jpg
  • Property: Multifamily
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Units: 255
Hampton_Townhomes2 png
  • Property: Multifamily
  • Location: Crowley, TX
  • Units: 76

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